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Political Representation of Citizens Abroad – The French Example

Historical origins France has always had a special relationship with its citizens living abroad for two main reasons: the role these citizens played in both World Wars and France’s colonial past. Before the world wars of the 20th century, France’s widespread colonial empire pushed the issue of political representation of colonists to the forefront; this […]

Voting Rights for Canadian Expats

With over 1.4 million expats, Canada needs to seriously rethink Voting Rights for Expats. Canadian Abroad More Than Five Years? No Vote For You! Currently, Canadians are barred from voting in their former constituency after five years living abroad. No later than July 20th, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld federal voting restrictions, claiming non-residents […]


by Thomas Hood (1799-1845) No sun–no moon! No morn–no noon! No dawn–no dusk–no proper time of day– No sky–no earthly view– No distance looking blue– No road–no street– No “t’other side the way”– No end to any Row– No indications where the Crescents go– No top to any steeple– No recognitions of familiar people– No […]

James Burke, Connections

James Burke is a unique historian of science and progress and his series Connections remains one of the best series about scientific and technological change. Having discovered this series during the  early 1990s, I was amazed by Burke’s concluding remarks. Words that ring true today more than ever. “So, in the end, have we learned […]

Isn’t This Where We Came In?

My first encounter with the Internet happened twenty years ago when I connected with Canada’s first dial-up Internet Service Provider: Internex Online or Internex Online was affordable, community based and a definite break away from the Bulletin Board Systems so prevalent at the time. Before Internex, I used to frequent the Echo BBS run […]

Of Trees And Flowers

By John Daly I have often wondered why people when planting trees or shrubs rely for seedlings almost exclusively on the commercial nurseries when we have so many varieties of lovely wild trees in Cape Breton that can be had for only a little trouble of digging them up and transplanting. Then, too, they possess […]