Political Representation of Citizens Abroad – The French Example

Historical origins France has always had a special relationship with its citizens living abroad for two main reasons: the role these citizens played in both World Wars and France’s colonial past. Before the world wars of the 20th century, France’s widespread colonial empire pushed the issue of political representation of colonists to the forefront; this […]

Emotional Intelligence

Deconstructing Emotional Intelligence According to many commercial providers of Emotional Intelligence tests (EQ), the main purpose of EQ evaluations is to serve as an alternative measurement to IQ tests as a better predictor of success in business. Paramount to the concept of EQ is the general quasi-inability to define it[1], claims EQ can be improved[2] […]

Voting Rights for Canadian Expats

With over 1.4 million expats, Canada needs to seriously rethink Voting Rights for Expats. Canadian Abroad More Than Five Years? No Vote For You! Currently, Canadians are barred from voting in their former constituency after five years living abroad. No later than July 20th, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld federal voting restrictions, claiming non-residents […]


by Thomas Hood (1799-1845) No sun–no moon! No morn–no noon! No dawn–no dusk–no proper time of day– No sky–no earthly view– No distance looking blue– No road–no street– No “t’other side the way”– No end to any Row– No indications where the Crescents go– No top to any steeple– No recognitions of familiar people– No […]

Time to walk away from New Math

“University of Winnipeg math professor Anna Stokke and two of her colleagues knew there was “a huge problem,” when they started hearing about Manitoba grade school students not being taught how to do vertical addition, carry or borrow numbers, or knowing their times tables. Then, two years ago, she and Robert Craigen, a fellow U […]

Edinburgh and the Lothians

I landed at Edinburgh Airport on Thursday, July 18th. Within an hour I had settled into my room in an old building near Haymarket Station. The next week was spent walking the streets of this beautiful city and discovering its history, architecture, monuments, museums and attractions. While I shall not recount all that I saw […]

Political tourism: Houses of Parliament, UK

My summer trip began with two full days spent in London, a city I hadn’t been to in over a decade. Since my main focus was to get over my jetlag as soon as possible, I kept busy all day by engaging in a form of extreme sightseeing most people usually do from the comfort […]

Kids Can’t Use Computers… And This Is Why It Should Worry You

Excellent article from coding2learn.org: “The truth is, kids can’t use general purpose computers, and neither can most of the adults I know. There’s a narrow range of individuals whom, at school, I consider technically savvy. These are roughly the thirty to fifty year-olds that have owned a computer for much of their adult lives.” – […]

Why Are Canadian Politicians Meddling in French Affairs?

Most Canadians are completely unaware there is a French election currently going on in North America[1]. And who could blame them? Even amongst French expatriates, over 85 % of eligible voters didn’t bother to turn out at the polls during the first round of this latest election.


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