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Meeting Justin Trudeau

On April 3rd 2012, I met Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau, in Ottawa. We talked about Canada, Education, France-Canada relations and of course his success in the ring! I am looking forward to supporting his candidacy for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Going viral …

I built this montage in Photoshop on Monday, Feb 13th, 2012. I posted it to Facebook that evening and in less than 48 hours later is had been ‘liked’ by over 13000 people, shared 9600 times and gathered over 347 upvotes / 72 downvotes on! A month later, the image has been ‘liked’ by […]

World War II And Growing Up French

There wasn’t a month that went by when I was growing up during which there wasn’t a movie or documentary on television about World War II. This was back in the two channel universe, late seventies early eighties. There were many American movies, but a large number of French movies as well, even comedies based […]


If you found this blog whilst searching the web for Serial Number W80191YHAGW, congratulations, you found the blog of the original owner of the computer that was stolen from our car this summer at the Atwater Marché in Montréal. The equipment that was stolen on Sunday August 15th 2010 has immense emotional value and contains […]

Ninety TWO years ago …

I signed the Irish Unity Pledge

WHEREAS, Irish reunification would address the root causes of conflict in Ireland and establish the basis for a permanent peace settlement; AND WHEREAS, the Good Friday Agreement created a political framework in which Irish reunification can occur; AND WHEREAS the Good Friday Agreement has already facilitated the establishment of all-Ireland governing institutions; WE THE UNDERSIGNED […]

Of Trees And Flowers

By John Daly I have often wondered why people when planting trees or shrubs rely for seedlings almost exclusively on the commercial nurseries when we have so many varieties of lovely wild trees in Cape Breton that can be had for only a little trouble of digging them up and transplanting. Then, too, they possess […]

Welcome to my blog

After fifteen years of Internet presence, I have finally opened my own blog. My first encounter with the net was a cryptic and intimidating unix prompt that would appear after a 2400 baud phone connection with a Toronto avant-guard provider Internex Online in late 1993. This was before the Web, when the only tools available […]