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My interest in promoting the islands of St Pierre & Miquelon had led me to contribute to several projects:

Several incomplete articles and projects are slated for completion in the near future:

Many other issues surrounding the history of the islands have been of interest:


I am interested in the genealogy of the following surnames and geographical locations.

Acadia, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Lorient, Bordeaux, Nantes, Saint-Malo …

Cormier, Petitpas, Detcheverry, Gaudet, Poirier, Martin, Letousse (Le Touzé), Gaspard, Véron, Vigneault, Boudreau, Coste, Gauthrau, Blanchard, Hébert, Comeau, Bayol, Guérin, Juneau de Haye Descartes, Trahan, Bourgeois, Chiasson, Doucet

Cape Breton, Wexord Co. Ireland, Isle of Skye Scotland

MacKinnon, Daly, Daley, Daily, Cameron, Garret, Carmichael, McLean, Keating, Wilson, Campbell, Gillis, McNeil

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  1. Dear marc, you are listed as a DNA relative for me although we do not share any of the surnames. My Mom and Dad were both born and raised in Cape Breton, my Mom in Glace Bay and my Dad in New Waterford . My Moms maiden name was Harte , and her Mom was a Farrell , my Dad is Cyril Fleming and his Mom was a Rigby…trying to figure out how we connect. Sincerely Marilyn Meagher

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