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Edinburgh and the Lothians

I landed at Edinburgh Airport on Thursday, July 18th. Within an hour I had settled into my room in an old building near Haymarket Station. The next week was spent walking the streets of this beautiful city and discovering its history, architecture, monuments, museums and attractions. While I shall not recount all that I saw […]

Political tourism: Houses of Parliament, UK

My summer trip began with two full days spent in London, a city I hadn’t been to in over a decade. Since my main focus was to get over my jetlag as soon as possible, I kept busy all day by engaging in a form of extreme sightseeing most people usually do from the comfort […]


Ten Unusual Places To Visit

Here are ten destinations that fascinate me and are currently on my top-ten list. The Faroe Islands: remote and beautiful Nordic islands; Southern Greenland: I am fascinated by very northern settlements; Ushuaia: just because its there, it was also the name of a famous French travel show; Belfast, Northern Ireland: to learn more about how […]


If you found this blog whilst searching the web for Serial Number W80191YHAGW, congratulations, you found the blog of the original owner of the computer that was stolen from our car this summer at the Atwater Marché in Montréal. The equipment that was stolen on Sunday August 15th 2010 has immense emotional value and contains […]

Hagan, New Mexico

Ghost towns are aplenty across the United States, especially in the South West. Most are no more than a few outlines and at the intersection of two dirt roads, but all the same they are reminders that our cities and towns are also mortals. Once in a while, you stumble upon something different, a place […]