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Political Representation of Citizens Abroad – The French Example

Historical origins France has always had a special relationship with its citizens living abroad for two main reasons: the role these citizens played in both World Wars and France’s colonial past. Before the world wars of the 20th century, France’s widespread colonial empire pushed the issue of political representation of colonists to the forefront; this […]

Why Are Canadian Politicians Meddling in French Affairs?

Most Canadians are completely unaware there is a French election currently going on in North America[1]. And who could blame them? Even amongst French expatriates, over 85 % of eligible voters didn’t bother to turn out at the polls during the first round of this latest election.

Tikala Malamu

Why Congo Matters You can recognize a Congolese expatriate quite easily: ask them to count to a hundred in French. Being a former Belgian colony, they will not say “soixante, soixante-dix, quatre-vingt, quatre-vingt-dix” as they do elsewhere in Francophone Africa, but “soixante, septante, octante et nonante”. Trivial you may think, but knowledge of Congo matters […]

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon News In English

Recent events have thrust the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon into the limelight of Canadian and North American politics (Continental Shelf Issue). This was the perfect opportunity to build a fully functional English language site with news and information about France’s North American territory. acts as a central repository for all news about the […]

Bridging The Gap

While the flagship activist site known as keeps monitoring Franco-American relations this side of the Atlantic, I decided in mid-2007 to create a new project about the United-States of America for a French audience. By reporting daily about issues and news affecting Americans, I believe a better understanding can be achieved between the two […]