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Political Representation of Citizens Abroad – The French Example

Historical origins France has always had a special relationship with its citizens living abroad for two main reasons: the role these citizens played in both World Wars and France’s colonial past. Before the world wars of the 20th century, France’s widespread colonial empire pushed the issue of political representation of colonists to the forefront; this […]

Explaining Today’s French Election

France’s electoral system may seem mysterious to most North Americans. It is however, in my view, one of the best in the world: you get to vote twice! Like many compatriots I get to make my first choice based on policies and personality, but I can also exercise that right as a protest vote before […]

Meeting Justin Trudeau

On April 3rd 2012, I met Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau, in Ottawa. We talked about Canada, Education, France-Canada relations and of course his success in the ring! I am looking forward to supporting his candidacy for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Ninety TWO years ago …

I signed the Irish Unity Pledge

WHEREAS, Irish reunification would address the root causes of conflict in Ireland and establish the basis for a permanent peace settlement; AND WHEREAS, the Good Friday Agreement created a political framework in which Irish reunification can occur; AND WHEREAS the Good Friday Agreement has already facilitated the establishment of all-Ireland governing institutions; WE THE UNDERSIGNED […]

Top TV picks for the season

Politics on the dial. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart remains on the list of absolute favourites and obligatory watching along with Keith Olbermann’s Countdown. Both provide a daily and entertaining analysis of the day’s politics. When time allows, Chris Matthews and The Ed Show are two more MSNBC shows worth watching for the political […]