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James Burke, Connections

James Burke is a unique historian of science and progress and his series Connections remains one of the best series about scientific and technological change. Having discovered this series during the  early 1990s, I was amazed by Burke’s concluding remarks. Words that ring true today more than ever. “So, in the end, have we learned […]

Ten Unusual Places To Visit

Here are ten destinations that fascinate me and are currently on my top-ten list. The Faroe Islands: remote and beautiful Nordic islands; Southern Greenland: I am fascinated by very northern settlements; Ushuaia: just because its there, it was also the name of a famous French travel show; Belfast, Northern Ireland: to learn more about how […]

Meeting Justin Trudeau

On April 3rd 2012, I met Justin Trudeau, MP for Papineau, in Ottawa. We talked about Canada, Education, France-Canada relations and of course his success in the ring! I am looking forward to supporting his candidacy for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Going viral …

I built this montage in Photoshop on Monday, Feb 13th, 2012. I posted it to Facebook that evening and in less than 48 hours later is had been ‘liked’ by over 13000 people, shared 9600 times and gathered over 347 upvotes / 72 downvotes on! A month later, the image has been ‘liked’ by […]

Isn’t This Where We Came In?

My first encounter with the Internet happened twenty years ago when I connected with Canada’s first dial-up Internet Service Provider: Internex Online or Internex Online was affordable, community based and a definite break away from the Bulletin Board Systems so prevalent at the time. Before Internex, I used to frequent the Echo BBS run […]