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Political Representation of Citizens Abroad – The French Example

Historical origins France has always had a special relationship with its citizens living abroad for two main reasons: the role these citizens played in both World Wars and France’s colonial past. Before the world wars of the 20th century, France’s widespread colonial empire pushed the issue of political representation of colonists to the forefront; this […]

Why Are Canadian Politicians Meddling in French Affairs?

Most Canadians are completely unaware there is a French election currently going on in North America[1]. And who could blame them? Even amongst French expatriates, over 85 % of eligible voters didn’t bother to turn out at the polls during the first round of this latest election.

Explaining Today’s French Election

France’s electoral system may seem mysterious to most North Americans. It is however, in my view, one of the best in the world: you get to vote twice! Like many compatriots I get to make my first choice based on policies and personality, but I can also exercise that right as a protest vote before […]

World War II And Growing Up French

There wasn’t a month that went by when I was growing up during which there wasn’t a movie or documentary on television about World War II. This was back in the two channel universe, late seventies early eighties. There were many American movies, but a large number of French movies as well, even comedies based […]

Georges Pompidou

France has had many great, or to say the least, controversial presidents. De Gaulle, Mitterrand have both left their mark on France and world politics. Georges Pompidou on the other hand has largely been forgotten for two reasons: he was de Gaulle’s successor and after five years in office he died from a terminal illness. […]