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Time to walk away from New Math

“University of Winnipeg math professor Anna Stokke and two of her colleagues knew there was “a huge problem,” when they started hearing about Manitoba grade school students not being taught how to do vertical addition, carry or borrow numbers, or knowing their times tables. Then, two years ago, she and Robert Craigen, a fellow U […]

Kids Can’t Use Computers… And This Is Why It Should Worry You

Excellent article from “The truth is, kids can’t use general purpose computers, and neither can most of the adults I know. There’s a narrow range of individuals whom, at school, I consider technically savvy. These are roughly the thirty to fifty year-olds that have owned a computer for much of their adult lives.” – […]

How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning

How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning – “Stigler knew that in American classrooms, it was usually the best kid in the class who was invited to the board. And so he watched with interest as the Japanese student dutifully came to the board and started drawing, but still couldn’t complete the cube. ” “In […]

Why Kids Should Learn Cursive, Math and Word Roots…

“When Suzanne Kail, an English teacher at a public high school in Magnolia, Ohio, was told that she would be required to teach her students Latin and Greek word roots, she groaned and rolled her eyes. Kail believes in a progressive approach to education, in which active engagement in meaningful learning is paramount. In an account of her […]

Digital technology is hampering attention spans and perseverance

“There is a widespread belief among teachers that students’ constant use of digital technology is hampering their attention spans and ability to persevere in the face of challenging tasks, according to two surveys of teachers being released on Thursday. The researchers note that their findings represent the subjective views of teachers and should not be […]

The Peddling of Emotional intelligence

Taken a course at a Faculty of Education lately? Chances are you’ve been sold on Emotional Intelligence. What you need to know is this quackery was devised some decades ago by one Daniel Goleman who, like many others, thought he could predict success in business through some magical new tool. EI is a business, nothing […]

Why telling kids they are smart makes them act dumb

Praise and intelligence by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D : “When you praise kids for their ability, it makes them focus on looking good—not on learning” Read more …

The Exhaustion of the American Teacher

Please read this excellent article from the Educator’s Room: “The American child has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Many shrill voices argue that teachers must change, too, by simply working harder. ” “The problem with the American student of 2012 isn’t as cartoonishly simple as evil unions protecting bad teachers. Nor is it […]

Philosophical differences

In North America, the system is proud to produce students who UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, and KNOW pretty much NOTHING (doesn’t matter, they know where to find it or how to get to it). It’s all about the individual and his/her well-being and self esteem. The system is there to serve the INDIVIDUAL. This is a left-wing […]