Philosophical differences

  • In North America, the system is proud to produce students who UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, and KNOW pretty much NOTHING (doesn’t matter, they know where to find it or how to get to it). It’s all about the individual and his/her well-being and self esteem. The system is there to serve the INDIVIDUAL. This is a left-wing egalitarian system that entertains many myths such as : rote is bad, knowledge is relative, creativity trumps all and nobody ever fails.
  • In some European countries and China, students KNOW EVERYTHING, and UNDERSTAND VERY LITTLE (not important, this will become evident by the time they become professionals). It’s knowledge based and heavy on streaming, testing and creating a CLASS to serve the STATE. This is a conservative and darwinian system that entertains such myths as : knowledge is everything, creativity is for the arts and one must attain perfection before one should dare create.

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