Ten Unusual Places To Visit

Here are ten destinations that fascinate me and are currently on my top-ten list.

  1. The Faroe Islands: remote and beautiful Nordic islands;
  2. Southern Greenland: I am fascinated by very northern settlements;
  3. Ushuaia: just because its there, it was also the name of a famous French travel show;
  4. Belfast, Northern Ireland: to learn more about how tolerance and dialog can triumph over sectarian violence;
  5. Vladivostok: Asia + Russia + Cold War Base;
  6. Ulan Bator: Mongolia!
  7. Isle of Skye: Because of the MacKinnon Clan;
  8. Syria – Was an interest of mine, before the current civil war;
  9. North Korea: the world’s last soviet state;
  10. Heard Island and McDonald Islands;

2 responses on Ten Unusual Places To Visit

  1. The Faroes are on my list as well, because of their interesting status, and plus their football team gets to qualify for UEFA.

    My list is to visit all of those little European countries. I’ve only knocked Luxembourg (the largest, natch’) off that list.

  2. Ray – It’s quite an expensive trek from what I’ve researched. There used to be a ferry with the Orkneys but that’s now gone. I see these islands as the Danish equivalent of St Pierre & Miquelon : regional autonomy but still dependent on a European power for Foreign Affairs and development.

    And based on the pictures, it just looks breathtaking.

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