If you found this blog whilst searching the web for Serial Number W80191YHAGW, congratulations, you found the blog of the original owner of the computer that was stolen from our car this summer at the Atwater Marché in Montréal. The equipment that was stolen on Sunday August 15th 2010 has immense emotional value and contains thousands of vacation pictures, documents, historical papers, work files that are of no commercial value.

The following was removed from our car :

  • (a) macbook pro i7 2.66 500 sn W80191YHAGW
  • (b) Bookbook casing for computer, leather
  • (c) black backpack with New Mexico and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon pins
  • (d) grey backpack with cables and other electronics
  • (e) Canon Power Shot camera, zoom and memory chips
  • (f) File folder with important not-for-profit information
  • (g) Cobra walkie-talkies
  • (h) keys with postal address in Toronto – Front of key chain is “MC” for Monte Carlo
  • (i) various business cards
  • (j) a Coleman cooler bag
  • (k) G-Drive 500 MB
  • (h) Old Realistic walkie-talkies
  • (i) Small ICOM scanner
  • (j) receipts from hotels, restaurants in NB, NS, PE & QC

If you can help return the above items to its rightful owner, you will be able to claim a REWARD of $ 1000 dollars. Serial Number was reported to Mark-Up.com.

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  1. PS: I know you called Apple Care to find out how you could re-install the OS on the machine. I have since cancelled the Apple Care Service for this machine.

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